“From the time we are a ‘spark’ of the Divine and have made the decision to enter this plane of
existence as an independent soul, all of our thoughts, words, emotions, and actions are suspended
in vibration, imprinted and recorded in a field of energy known as the Akashic Records.” Nancy
Haney Duke

The Akasha, a Sanskrit word meaning either or sky, describes the primordial substance of which
we are all made. The Akashic Records often referred to as the Book of Life, is a field of energy-containing information that has been energetically imprinted through thoughts, words, feelings,
emotions, and actions of all individuals throughout time. When I access the Akashic Records
through the use of a Sacred Prayer, I am tuning in to the Record of the person receiving the
consultation. In essence, I am aligning my energetic vibration with the energetic vibration of the
person being read. In the Records, I am able to gather information from your past that may be
affecting you now. Thru the use of carefully posed questions which you help craft prior to our
meeting, we are able to uncover deeper truths to reveal a wider understanding and bring clarity
and transformation.

Things you may discover from a consultation:
• Meet and access guidance from Masters, Teachers and loved ones
• Explore past lives, gain insight and release karmic patterns
• Transform and gain clarity on difficult relationships
• Learn ways to attract positive conditions and people into your life
• Discover what is holding you back.
• Explore ways to improve your financial situation and steps to take.
• Reveal ways to create more joy and harmony in your life.
How to prepare for a reading?
Please refrain from consuming any drugs or alcohol at least 24 hours prior to your consultation.
Find a quiet place where you are able to relax and focus or “tune in” to your present situation and
being to examine the different areas of your life where you would like to receive more clarity or

Such areas include:

• Relationships: Family, Friends, Co-workers

• Spiritual Development
• Creative Expression
• Areas of Forgiveness
• Any Addictions or Unbalanced Habits
• Understanding your Life’s Purpose
• Patterns or persistent problems you have noticed

In order to raise the vibration and access your Akashic Records, I will start with reciting a short,
sacred prayer incorporating your full name. Next, I’ll ask you to tell me your story – in other
words, what issue led you to contact me. In this part of the session, don’t hold back. The more
sincere and specific you are, the better. Remember, we are working to move you towards joy by
uncovering soul-level truths. As you are talking, I’ll be receiving information from your Masters,
Teachers (including your spirit guides), and Loved Ones directly from your Akashic Record. I’ll
dig in and pass along what is going on from the perspective of your soul. The reading is not
meant to predict the future as it is subject to change based on our choices.

The consultation is not intended to replace medical, psychological, or legal advice. It is intended
to help you on your healing journey by helping you discover, understand, clear, or learn to work
through blockages and issues in your life that are causing you stress and discord, or helping you
to awaken to and learn to live your soul’s purpose with an opportunity to receive messages of